Jun 8, 2013

Welcome to Southern Krunk BBQ!

Krunkilicious is our blog site.  I've learned so much from reading blogs and other websites, I've felt compelled to "spill the krunk" about what goes down on the bbq trail.  The pickled pig was a popular site that offered cooking tips and kept track of how teams ranked in the kcbs bbq race.  Now there are a few other sites that track your progress in this arena, is one example.

Other popular sites include,,, and  You will find many bbq cooks are eager to share, but not about everything.

We are heading to Memphis to cook at the Variety Club the last weekend in May.  Memphis is all about dry rubs and pork. But this is a kcbs comp, so one would be wise to be attuned to the desires of the judges, without getting too crazy about this.

So, as they say in the business, stay tuned and join us along our krunkilicious journey!