Jun 10, 2013

Southern Krunk to Merphis.

So, Andy and I decided to go to Merphis, land o' the ribs, to cook the Variety Club KCBS Comp.  As a warning to all my bbq friends, going on I 40 from Hot Springs sucks the Devil's ballsack.  Whoever the rat bastard in charge of road construction   is should have his scrotum boiled in vingegar.  That said, it provided a great excuse for Andy and I to sojourn to DeVall's Bluff to avert said Satanic construction and eat at Craig's BBQ.


Craig's has all the prerequisites for a great bbq joint.  First, it has an outdoor cinder block pit.  Second, the paneling inside is older than my oldest child.  Third, you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the restrooms.  The bbq trinity if you will.  I found their sauce to be most satisfying, think vingegar with chili powder.  Also, they put slaw on top of their sammich, a must in my book.  And lastly, it had the mystique that all good joints must possess.  A messy good time.

Once in Merphis, we found a muddy damn mess.  We parked Juanita in one semi dry place, set up our canopy in another, and enjoyed the lake view!  The orgainizers did a great job of doing their best with a messy situation.  A few teams required tractors to tow them out after the competition was over.


 As you can tell, shoes became strictly optional.

Andy is sometimes like a bird dog at a comp, and can sense if we have a winner or not.  He rarely if ever tastes the food.  I usually taste it, but mainly to garner the texture.  Personally, I think Andy has been knocking it out of the park of late with his ribs, while I've done fairly good with brisket.  Andy does the short cooks in his backwoods (ribs and chicken) while Juanita takes care of pork butt and brisket.  This day, we both thought the brisket and ribs looked good, felt the skin on our chicken sucked, and had a sinking feeling that our pork butt misery would persist.  That said, Andy instructed me to remove my nasty Dickies jumpsuit and make myself presentable for awards....the bird dog smelled something good coming!



And the bird dog was onto something.  First, we were shocked to get a 10th place chicken call, so we knew something good may be forthcoming.  Next Andy busted out a 1st place and perfect score in ribs!  But alas, the sins of our pork would plummet us out of a top ten overall finish, although the brisket score wasn't too bad.  Thus is the life of a bbq cook!  Driving home the glow of a perfect rib score helped wash away the acromony of any Merphis mud.